Monday, January 11, 2010

Postcards from the past

My friend Larry Bowen, who owns The Readers Corner book shop in downtown Rolla, found a wonderful website that includes hundreds of images of postcards related to Route 66.

"It's amazing how quickly we forget what things were like," Larry says.

Many of the buildings depicted in the postcards have been gone for years.

I think the site is a valuable record of life along the old Mother Road that can be enjoyed by those of us old enough to have driven on it regularly. It's also a valuable site to show to young people or transplants to Missouri to prove to them that there was a lot going on here before they came along.

There are several pages of cards. "Pages 11-22 are up and down I-44 from Lebanon to Sullivan, 14-16 are Rolla," Larry notes. Click and enjoy.

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