Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is Tommy Sowers running for King of the Eighth District?

If you haven't read the Southeast Missourian's interview with young Tommy Sowers, you should. Here are some excerpts:

Tommy Sowers, the Iraq war veteran mounting the first well-funded challenge to U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson in more than a decade said Saturday that he plans to make the economy -- and Emerson's record on economic issues -- the centerpiece of his campaign....

Sowers spoke as the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House was pressing members to a vote on a health care overhaul bill that sets a goal of providing health insurance coverage to 96 percent of the eligible population. Emerson announced Friday evening she planned to vote against the bill. Sowers said he would vote for it....

Emerson has been an advocate of drug reimportation from Canada and direct negotiations between Medicare and drug companies over prescription prices.

When asked about those two issues, Sowers said he doesn't disagree with Emerson. But he said voters should look at the results she is achieving. He said Emerson hasn't heard the concerns of constituents.

"I am much more of a results-oriented kind of guy," he said. "Look at the district. See what has happened since she has been in office. It happens in every district in every state -- the member blames somebody else for the problems. I will set an accountability mark for jobs and economic opportunity and ask voters to hold me accountable in November 2012."

What I get from reading this are the rantings of another liberal who wants government to do more of what the free enterprise system is supposed to do and will do if it is allowed to do so by government. Government doesn't create jobs and economic opportunity; business does. If young Tommy had ever worked in a business he would know that.

Young Tommy also seems to believe he will have a tremendous amount of power if he is elected. He pledges to set economic goals (presumably high goals for he is a "results-oriented kind of guy") and if he doesn't achieve them for us, he won't blame anyone but himself and he'll ask the voters to hold him accountable.

He seems to think he's going to be the King of the Eighth District.

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