Monday, January 4, 2010

Expanding Election Day in Missouri

You'll very likely be asked in the coming weeks to sign a petition to allow Missourians to vote ahead of Election Day without affirming that they're going to be out of town or in surgery or some such reason to get an absentee ballot:

Here's a portion of the news release from Secretary of State Robin Carnahan:

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan today announced that a new initiative petition met state standards for circulation. The petition would amend the Missouri Revised Statutes relating to early voting.

The ballot title for the petition reads:

Shall Missouri law be amended to:
  • expand options for voters by allowing them to cast ballots in person prior to federal general elections without the current absentee ballot excuse requirement; and
  • make it illegal to cast such an early ballot and to vote at the polls for the same election?
  • State governmental entities will incur estimated costs of $1,436,250 or more in fiscal year 2013 (one-time costs of $705,000 and on-going costs for each federal general election of $731,250). It is estimated there is no cost to local governmental entities since costs of the proposal shall be paid by the state.

The petition, which would amend Chapter 115 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, was submitted by Ms. Jo Sapp, 1025 Hickory Hill Drive, Columbia, MO 65203.

Before any statutory changes can be brought before Missouri voters in the November 2010 election, signatures must be obtained from registered voters equal to five (5) percent of the total votes cast in the 2008 governor's election from six of the state's nine congressional districts.

The reason supporters want this made a law in Missouri is this: It will give the Democrats a lot of extra time to get up and round up voters.

It won't help Republicans. Republicans don't have time to get out to vote or to take other people to the polls except on Election Day, because they're all working at their jobs, contributing to society and building the economy. At least, that's the way I see it.

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