Saturday, January 2, 2010

Common ground in gardening

Gardening is one way to bridge all gaps--generational, socioeconomic, gender, religious, whatever.

When gardeners get together, they have plenty in common to talk about: compost, heirloom seeds, raised beds, and on and on.

Now I am a rural Missourian, an Ozarker ever since I moved my family here from Georgia way back in '53. I am common. I am a redneck, a hillbilly and a yokel. I prefer to stay away from rich folks, Yankees and Californians.

Yet, I find myself drawn to this website, A Way to Garden, by the fancy-pants head gardener Margaret Roach, a dadgum New Yorker. Here's the way she describes herself:

I WAS SO BLESSED TO visit and document many of the nation’s finest homemade gardens for 15 years for ‘Martha Stewart Living,’ first as garden editor and then as editorial director. The places we were proud to publish included my own upstate New York home. Take a tour of how it looked then. Want to know more about me? Or read what Anne Raver said in June '08 in The New York Times, calling A Way to Garden “the best (garden blog) I’d ever seen.” Adrian Higgins of The Washington Post was as kind. And so was Martha, on her TV show. Thanks to all.

Do you see why I call her a "fancy pants"? well, don't let her name-dropping put you off. Visit her website and you'll find it full of interesting information, much of it usable here in Southern Missouri.

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