Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold and snowy day

Sixteen degrees at 11 a.m. with snow on the ground. Schools all around us have been canceled.

An inch (or less) accumulation but it's still snowing.

Those of you wishing for spring should remember what I told you: We've got February and March to get through yet.

I was off work all week and had things I wanted to get done outside, but the weather hasn't been good for outside work. Garden fever vs. winter chill, by Jim Hamiton, senior writer for Neighbor Newspapers, says what I feel, so I'm not going to try to repeat it. Just go read Hamilton's essay.

This is also a day in Southern Missouri when you should make sure your birdfeeders are full of seed or suet. Don't forget to fill the feeding sock with thistle seed for the Goldfinches.

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