Thursday, January 28, 2010

8th District response to the SOTU speech

Jo Ann Emerson, Eighth District representative in the House of Representatives, says a freeze on spending is only part of the country's economic solution.

"Federal spending is out of control, but you can’t cut our national debt by paying lip service to it. A freeze on some spending is a step in the right direction, but that alone will not cut deficits and reduce the debt," Emerson said. "This administration has been on a big-government binge, and they have more than doubled the deficit to a record $1.35 trillion. Some programs have doubled in size in just one year, and freezing spending at all-time highs is not going to solve the problem."

As of the delivery of the State of the Union, the national debt stood at $12.3 trillion. Emerson noted she has voted against an $800 billion stimulus, and $800 billion cap-and-trade energy tax, a $1.2 trillion health care reform bill, a $500 billion spending package and five budget proposals in the space of the last year.

"The problem is spending, plain and simple. This is not penny-ante stuff – these are high stakes spending decisions bureaucrats and congressional leaders are making with taxpayer dollars," Emerson said.

I found her response at this Perryville newspaper link. Go there to read the whole essay.

I couldn't find anything on the web from Tommy Sowers, the Democrat who wants to challenge her, responding to, analyzing or, more likely, praising President Obama's State of the Union Address. Here's his website link; see if you can find anything. Maybe he'll put something up after his people read this.

What I found instead was something called Boots on the Ground, a YouTube daily record of a trip he's taking around the Eighth District. Interesting.

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