Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bold statement or just a joke?

The people who wear their pants sagging below their buttocks (they, not me, call themselves by an urban variation of the N-word and say their pants are "saggin' ") think THEY started the trend.

They did not.

It was started by a white banjo picker named Dave Akeman, who went by the stage name of String Bean. He played with Bill Monroe and later went solo. He was a regular on the old Hee Haw show for many years.

Of course, he did it as a joke. He also kept his shirt tucked into his trousers.

The saggin' folks do it seriously; at least, it's serious in their own minds. They think they are doing something important, making a bold statement to society.

The rest of us, though, think it is a joke and are laughing at the silly folks who call themselves an urban variation of the N-word and wear their trousers slung so low their A-word shows.

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