Friday, October 9, 2009

Weakest president in my memory wins Nobel Peace Prize

By R.D. Hohenfeldt
Managing Editor, Ozarks Almanac

What a joke the news is today: President Barak Hussein Obama is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The only Democrat who ever deserved the Nobel Peace Prize was President Harry S Truman, a Missourian. He ended World War II by showing the Japs we were a strong nation.

The Republican who most deserved the Nobel Peace Prize but never won it was Ronald W. Reagan; he ended the Cold War by making sure the United States was stronger than the Soviet Union.
I believe in peace through strength.

We have a president now, known as Abu Hussein in the Muslim World, who won the Nobel Peace Prize by apologizing to the world for our strength. He is a shameful excuse for a leader of the United States of America.

I pray he is voted out of office in November 2012.

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