Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wilson was right about Obama

Well, it turns out that the South Carolina representative who shouted "You lie!" to the president the other night was right.

MSNBC reported Friday that the White House issued a statement clarifying whether illegal immigrants would be eligible for the government healthcare insurance:

The question, as we all know, arises from the Wilson "You lie" outburst, and the core claim that notwithstanding specific bill language barring illegal immigrants from participating in the "exchange," as a practical matter, there is no way of verifying the citizenship of applicants -- which is the current state of play. Republicans say that then means illegal immigrants would end up being enrolled in plans -- bill language or no bill language.

Today, for the first time as far as we know, the administration is backing a provision that would require proof of citizenship before someone could enroll in a plan selected on the exchange.

Here, the administration also concedes that hospitals would be compensated with public funds for the care of undocumented immigrants.

Wilson was right. The president was not telling the truth.

Wilson should not have apologized for telling the truth.

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