Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

Like a big-bosomed women's bra, I spent the day lifting heavy loads.
At the big-box home-improvement warehouse where I work, we are getting ready for Christmas. To do that, we have to clear away the summer to make room for winter. Today's task was to pull all the air conditioners off the shelves and store them while one of the managers checks this week to find stores in Texas or other southern states that need them. Air conditioners are heavy. I did quit a bit of dead-lifting today, not enough to make me a contender in a weightlifting contest but a lot of lifting for an old man, nevertheless.
Our deadline for getting all the Christmas merchandise on the sales floor is a week from Friday. That's Sept. 18, a month and a half before Halloween. Seems early, doesn't it?
We'll hear customers remark that we and the big-box discount store down the street always put Christmas merchandise out way too early. We do it because buyers want it, and we're in the business of providing shoppers what they want. That's part of customer service.
As soon as we put that merchandise out, people will start buying it. They'll buy a lot of it. Sales of Christmas merchandise will begin leveling off in November and then drop off sharply. By Thanksgiving, people's interest will switch to cut Christmas trees and our gift merchandise.
Well before Christmas, we'll be thinking about getting ready for spring.
It keeps my head spinning, trying to remember what season it is.

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