Monday, September 21, 2009

Economic Development in Missouri

By Rep. Dan Brown
Missouri District 149

As we face one of the worst economies our nation has seen since the Great Depression, job creation remains a top priority in the House. Thousands of Missourians wake up each morning unemployed and unable to provide for their families. In fact, this week we learned that Missouri’s unemployment rate is the highest it’s been since 1983 and only ten points away from being at an all time high.
As legislators, it is our job to turn this trend around and work to build our economy and put our citizens back to work and that is exactly what we have done.
Last February, the House passed House Bill 191, expanding the Quality Jobs Act, which has proven past success in Missouri. One of the main purposes of the Quality Jobs Act is to provide incentive programs that seek to attract business to Missouri, and in turn, boost the job market. After passing through the Senate in May, HB191 was signed into law and became the top accomplishment by the General Assembly in 2009.
This week, the Director of Economic Development stepped down, leaving one of the most vital cabinet positions with an interim Director until the position is filled. This concerns me, especially when considering our current economic state. Right now, job creation is crucial and not something we should leave in limbo. It is my sincere hope that the Governor acts quickly to fill the position so that we may continue on the fast-track to economic prosperity.
As we approach the 2010 session, economic development will remain one of our top priorities. We look forward to seeing a strong head at the Department of Economic Development so that we may work with the Director to improve Missouri business and create jobs for our citizens. I realize many of you are without a job or know someone close to you who is without work. You can be certain that we are working diligently to remedy this problem. As the national economy begins to build itself back up, House Republicans will make sure Missouri is ahead of the game.
Again, thank you for your concerns. This is your State government. Help me keep it that way by keeping me informed. Please feel free to contact me at 573-751-5713 or by email at

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