Friday, August 14, 2009

Fiscal responsibility still an imperative for Missouri

By Rep. Dan Brown
District 149

It probably seems like every time you turn on the television, there’s another plan from the White House and Congress making government bigger and our taxes higher. It sounds like they have no qualms in saddling our future with a massive amount of debt. Even Governor Nixon is quoted as saying, “If there’s debt, Missouri kids and grandkids will pay that debt off.”

Most recently, you’ve probably seen clips from town hall events on healthcare. You may have even attended one. I believe it has been a great testament to the will of the American people. We don’t want bigger government and we don’t want higher taxes. When talking about a government healthcare system, we want a program that is accessible, affordable and provided to the people who need it the most. We want private health business to continue to grow and flourish. And we want all citizens to have a right to the care they desire – not the care the government dictates to them.

The House is and has been dedicated to strong fiscal discipline. For the past several years, we have produced a balanced budget and made tough decisions. We have stayed away from big government programs and wasteful spending – and we intend to remain fiscally responsible.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you – the people of Missouri. I hear from my constituents on a daily basis. I urge all of you to contact your local legislators and help to create a bright and solid future for the state of Missouri. As always, please feel free to contact me either by calling my office at 573-751-5713 or by email at

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