Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you see a black man forcing open a door, don't call 911

By R.D. Hohenfeldt

Managing Editor, Ozarks Almanac

Thank God I live in a small town in Missouri where neighbors care about neighbors, and law-abiding people respect the police.

It seems pretty clear from the news that Boston people don't feel the same.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about: A white police officer was summoned to a home when a woman called 911 and reported a possible burglary. Well, it turned out a black professor was forcing his way into his own home because of a problem with the door. What should have happened, what would have happened in any small town, was a "thank you for responding so quickly" from the black professor to the cop and a "thank you for watching my home" from the professor to the woman who called 911. What happened instead was the black Harvard professor went nuts, lost control of himself, started calling the cop a racist, used bad language and insulted the cop's mother. The cop arrested the professor for disturbing the peace, although the charges were later dropped, of course, because he was a Harvard professor. The professor went on talk shows calling the officer a "rogue cop" and a "racist." Even President Barack H. Obama got involved, calling the Boston police department stupid.

The news reported today that the lady who dialed 911 has been targeted for all kinds of insults and accusations. Here's an excerpt from an Associated Press story on Yahoo:

With a trembling voice, Lucia Whalen, 40, said she was out walking to lunch in Gates' Cambridge neighborhood near Harvard University when an elderly woman without a cell phone stopped her because she was concerned there was a possible burglary in progress.

Whalen says she was vilified on blogs as a racist after a police report said she described the possible burglars as "two black males with backpacks." Her lawyer has said mainstream media outlets and bloggers had concluded she was a privileged white neighbor.

Tapes of the call released earlier this week revealed that Whalen, a first-generation Portuguese-American who doesn't live in the area, did not mention race. When pressed by a dispatcher on whether the men were white, black or Hispanic, she said one of them might have been Hispanic.

I've often wondered why there were news stories from time to time about city people not wanting to "get involved" when they saw a crime occurring. Now it's clearer to me whey they look the other way.

If you lived in a city and saw someone trying to force open a door of a home, would you call the cops? You probably would not call 911 now, especially if the apparent burglar was black. Instead, you would think, "That might be his home. Or he might be a relative of the homeowner. I believe I'll just mind my own business."

It's quite possible that black criminals have got this figured out and are now starting to target upscale black homes in the cities, knowing that neighbors won't get involved now for fear of being labeled a racist and treated like that lady who made the 911 call. Well, on second thought, they're probably too stupid to figure that out. (No, they're not stupid because they're black, they're stupid because they're criminals.)

I'm glad I live in Rolla, Mo., where people have got some common sense. Well, most of them do.

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