Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't miss a chance to see/hear The Link Family

We had a wonderful time with The Link Family at our church, Macedonia Baptist, last night. The family has grown in number and ability since the video we posted yesterday from YouTube was made. The children are even better musicians now than they were in that video, which was made a couple of years ago.

My wife, who isn't in the best of health, was able to go to the concert. She loves kids and young people, so she was thrilled by the performance. She loved the brief talk by banjo-picker Ben just before the last song, "I Surrender All." Ben told about picture of God's grace at the crucifixion: Christ in the middle, one thief who mocked him, one thief who believed in him. God's grace is available, but it must be accepted.

Delaine said if her health and family finances would allow, she could follow that family all over the country listening to them: "I could easily be a Link Family 'groupie,' " she joked on the way home.

They are from Lebanon, Missouri, but they travel all over the United States and Canada. They're full-time in the music ministry. If you get a chance to see them, don't miss it. Go to their website for a schedule; they might be coming to a venue close to you.

Here's another YouTube video from a couple of years ago:

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