Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nature notes

We got tomatoes, crook neck squash and green peppers in the ground Saturday afternoon after spending Saturday morning working at the church, scraping and painting an outdoor staircase. The ground was mud, but we planted anyway.

In between spits of rain this afternoon, we weeded the hosta bed on the east side of the house, then planted one Hosta, a couple of Virginia Bluebells and a whole bunch of Lily of the Valley.

Weather has been overcast and plenty cool today. I put on a windbreaker while working in the Hosta bed.

We had tornadoes across the Ozarks Friday. A tornado warning put all the customers and the associates in the break room and the training room for 45 minutes Friday morning. We had power at the store, but some residents were without power six hours later.

Thirteen tornadoes were spotted in SW Missouri, according to KY3. I'm not sure what has happened in south central Missouri. I heard at church that Salem was hit hard, but I've not verified that.

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