Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A tale of an heroic pig

Here's some more humor from another Ozarks boy, Dave Davidson, of Newburg:

This heroic dog story reminds me of my Uncle Harry's herioc pig. When I came home from the senior class trip to Sunny South Vietnam, I stopped in to see Uncle Harry. There was a three-legged pig in the yard. I ask him what happened to the pig, and he said that the pig was a heroic pig. Their daughter had ran out into the road chasing a ball, a car came and the pig ran out and dragged the girl out of the road before she was hit. I ask, is that when the pig lost his leg, my uncle said no.
He said earlier the house had caught fire during the night when everyone was alseep, and the pig had rooted through the screen door (summertime, other door not shut, the lived just off PP highway out by pine ridge)and woke them up and the house burnt completely down, and they had to live in the remodeled chicken house until they got one rebuilt.
I ask, is that when the pig lost his leg. Uncle Harry said no. I ask what happened to his leg. He said, "Well Davey, ya don't eat a herioc pig all at once."

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