Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny (or stupid) things city people say--Part III

On a gardening forum I frequent, there is a discussion about the merits of planting by the moon. Some of the posters say it works because the moon pulls soil moisture just as it affects ocean tides. Others say they've planted both by the moon and just whenever they had time, and they had the same kind of harvest.

I was amused by a Washington, D.C., metro area resident's response to the discussion:

This could be a good Easter project to do with the kids, plant the seeds Easter Sunday and then transplant them by the light of the moon at the end of the month. Do you have to actually plant at night, or any time of day? We live near Washington D.C. if that makes a difference.

This poor lady might have gotten out at night with a flashlight to plant her seeds by the dark of the moon if I had not posted a message that no, you can plant in the daylight. I'm still not sure why her proximity to Washington, D.C., might make a difference.--RDH

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