Saturday, March 14, 2009

Funny (or stupid) things city folks say in the country--Part II

Many years ago when I was the so-called managing editor of the Rolla Daily News, a former St. Louis resident who had retired to Rolla, wrote a letter to the editor berating, chastising, excoriating and flaying me for continuously allowing the words "Maramec Spring Park" to be used in the paper.

"Who told you to spell it that way? Don't you know it is Meramec Springs Park? Start getting it right or get a different job! You're no editor!" he boldly declared.

I published his letter with an editor's note, explaining that the James Foundation, owner of Maramec Spring Park has always spelled it with an "a" not an "e" after the M. I explained that there is also a Maramec Street in St. James and there was a Maramec Room in the student center at the University of Missouri-Rolla campus. I explained further that the state of Missouri spells Meramec with "e" after the initial M and that's why there is a Meramec River and a Meramec State Park.

Moroever, I explained that at Maramec, there is only one spring, so it is Maramec Spring Park.

To add to the confusion and fun, there is a privately owned business near Maramec called the Meramec Springs Campground; that title is rife with errors.

Well, the St. Louisian, to his credit, did write back, saying he was sorry and thanking me for explaining the subtle differences.

You just have to be patient with the ignorant city slickers out here in the country.

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