Saturday, March 7, 2009

Funny (or stupid) things city folks say in the country--Part I

A few years ago when the local newspaper started its website, it added a space for comments at the end of each story. That feature is still on the website, but back then, the comments were unmoderated. Folks started using the comments areas as bulletin boards and would post messages that had nothing todo with the stories. There was all kinds of stuff on there.

I remember one long-running discussion about the merits of life in Edgar Springs, a small town south of Rolla and the population center of the United States. Many Rolla residents, especially Rolla youths, fancy themselves sophisticated and high-brow; they look down on folks in nearby towns, particularly Newburg and Edgar Springs (which are a couple of my favorite places).

Someone, perhaps a native Rolla resident or perhaps a newbie moved here from an even bigger place, posted a message that said something like "What's with all the sheep in the fields at Edgar?"

Another person, perhaps a country person with access to a computer or perhaps a Rolla resident with a background in agriculture, wrote back, "It's a farm, you moron!"

You'd think that would be easy to figure out.

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