Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does Missouri government view Christians as potential terrorists?

Channel 3 out of Springfield had a report on TV yesterday about a state agency that portrays Christians who oppose abortion and illegal immigration as possible domestic terrorists.

Here are some excerpts but you can read the whole thing on KY3.com:

A state security report that's causing an uproar among conservatives has led to an apology from the head of Missouri's Public Safety Department.

The 8-page report was produced by the Missouri Information Analysis Center. It was designed to be a training document for law enforcement on how to identify homegrown threats. But considerable backlash from conservatives has prompted an apology from the state.

The report, entitled "The Modern Militia Movement," paints right wing groups as a potential domestic security threat.

But how those groups are defined is what has caused the uproar.

"It seems like it's an attack on a lot of right wing views, a lot of views that I find very sacred," said conservative Clayton Bowler of Springfield. (View the report on Bowler's blog HERE.)

Christians, anti-abortionists, tax resistors, anti-immigration advocates and supporters of third party candidates like Ron Paul are all listed as characteristics of "ideologies" to watch out for.

Well, they're taking the document back to the office to edit out any references to the third-party candidates. I'm not sure if they're going to include Christianity as a potential symptom of terrorism or not.

Who would have thought this could happen in Missouri?

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