Friday, February 6, 2009

Deal safely with leftover pesticides

Labels on most household chemical products contain important information on the use and storage of that specific product.
Unfortunately, the storage and disposal information is found toward the end of the pesticide label and most homeowners admit to not reading that information.
“We probably get more calls at our gardening hotline about pesticides and how to use them, dispose of them or store them than nearly any other topic,” said Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist with University of Missouri Extension.
Options for the proper use of leftover pesticides includes: using them if you need them, giving them to a neighbor who will use them properly, or contacting the Household Chemical Collection Center (in Greene County) or other various waste districts for further directions or for safe disposal options.
Proper storage of pesticides requires owners to pay attention to the label.
First, read the label to determine if there are temperature or light requirements that impact the storage of the product. Generally, powders and granules are not affected by low temperatures, but moisture can wreak havoc on these materials.
Contact the MU Extension center in your county for any of these guide sheets dealing with pesticides: IPM1013, "Pesticide Storage," WM6000, "Safe Use, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides," and IPM1012, "Temperature Effects on Storage of Greenhouse, Ornamental and Turf Pesticides."

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