Monday, January 19, 2009

They're keeping us in the dark about Frankenfoods

I'm pretty leery and wary of genetically modfied foods. I figure if produce comes from plants that don't reproduce "after their own kind" like the Bible says and as God intended, then something just isn't right.

A Canadian news website has this disturbing news, which doesn't make me feel any better:

(Dr.) Pusztai, a leading plant expert, was dismissed from the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen Scotland after he went public with research on genetically modified potatoes in 1998.

The Hungarian-born biologist’s contentious research on rats found these potatoes caused several health problems, including a weakened immune system and abnormal growth.

His whistleblowing was largely responsible for sparking debate in the United Kingdom over genetically altered foods, which are most commonly soy beans, corn and potatoes.

Pusztai said virtually all testing done on GM products is being done by the biotechnological farm companies that are making the goods, and are not neutral. While these companies maintain GM products are safe, the results are never released, Pusztai said.

“They’re keeping the public in the dark,” said Pusztai, who was on a speaking tour of southern Ontario.

Dr. Pusztai recommends buying from local growers. I recommend that, too, plus grow your own from heirloom seeds such as those sold by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds right here in the Ozarks.--RDH

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