Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleet and cold

By R.D. Hohenfeldt
Managing Editor, Ozarks Almanac

It's about quarter to 7 on Monday night here in Rolla, and it sounds like it's raining outside, but it's really sleet. The temperature is 19 degrees. The weatherman says we're going to continue with this winter storm through tomorrow. It's supposed to stay cold through the rest of the week.

My wife and I just had a tasty hot supper of meatloaf, peas and mashed sweet taters. My belly is full. The house is warm. I am fixin' to go sit at the kitchen table and pick my banjo for about an hour before going to bed earlier than normal. I've got to get up about an hour earlier than normal because it's going to take awhile to clear the ice off the car and I'll have to drive slower than normal to get to work.

We've had some moderate winters for the past seven or eight years, but maybe we're cycling back to typical Missouri winter weather. I don't put much stock in the man-made global warming theory. I think the weather changes, but always swings back. The man-made global warming crowd is just trying to grab power and money. I've been called a fool, a nitwit, naive, childish, simple, ignorant and uneducated for believing that, but I am entirely unrepentant for my opinion.

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