Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More farmers markets; more money made

There were more farmers markets in Missouri this year, and overall they made more moeny, according to a report from KSMU public radio in Springfield. Here are excerpts from that report:

According to the MO Dept. of Agriculture, profits at farmers markets in the state rose nearly 20% in 2008. Donald Bauer, president of the Greater Springfield Farmers Market, says, for a very fickle year, vendors did well.

"Spring was so wet. People couldn't plant on time, and the fuel combined with the fuel cost and problem kept people from traveling including our vendors. It still turned out to be a good year, a decent year."

According to Bauer, there wasn’t necessarily an increase in customers, but the demographics changed somewhat.

"More younger people. I don't know that we saw increased traffic, per se, but a different, a more diverse demographic, and that was encouraging."

According to the MO Department of Agriculture, 17 new farmers markets registered in the state this year. Bauer says that’s encouraging.

We have two farmers markets each Saturday in Rolla and one on Tuesday.

These are good places to find fresh, homegrown vegetables if you don't have a garden. They'll start reopening across the Ozarks in April, so keep watch in your community and support local growers.

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